To Thine Own Self Be True

If I distill the naturopathic essentials into one core belief, it might resemble this one essential, regardless of which core value I selected.

Know yourself.

Know your food.

That’s really important, and when you understand yourself and your food there are incredible synergies that can elevate you higher and higher.

Here’s an example of how you can stray…on things about your food, if you don’t read the labels.

This label reads “100% Juice” and oddly, is not 100% juice when you read the ingredients.

  • Guava juice, (Guava puree, filtered water), Sugar.

Apparently, it’s not just juice – it’s a processed juice product, reconstituted, and sweetened.

Thanks but I’m not that thirsty…


DrDIY is a food-safety professional with an extensive sanitation background within the food & beverage manufacturing industry. He consults on food-safety - from hygienic-design to integrated pest-management through microbiology support, quality improvement audits, total-process management philosophy, CIP optimization, and lean-six-sigma project participation.

Overcoming an extended disability through a complete overhaul of diet and nutrition, DrDIY embraced traditional naturopathy and combined the wisdom of nature with the principles of modern sanitation to help build more sustainable systems within the food industry. He continues to study and practice holistic nutrition, food-safety, detoxification, and self-improvement and this site represents personal experience and opinion - and does not reflect the position of any employer past or present.

His posts have always been a 'stream of consciousness' montage with occasional ventures into Christology and pop culture, just to keep things interesting.

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