The Kindle Inflation Killer:

The Kindle Edition of a printed book is typically priced lower, because there’s virtually no cost associated with printing, storage, or delivery.

The Kindle platform allows you to offset the inflation costs of buying a book, making it even less expensive.

How to Make Money – Revisited is discounted 89% on Kindle from it’s original 1922 price of $2.00, when adjusted for inflation.  My version doubles the content and costs 89% less in today’s dollars!

{$2.00 in 1922 is $27.55 in 2012 dollars.}

As prices rise, and inflation takes a toll on buying power, the electronic versions of all products become more attractive.

Not only is the Kindle version at $2.99, less than half the price of the $7.97 printed copy of my book…the Kindle is more likely to remain at it’s price point over time.

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