Start A Business for 48 ₵

We’ve all seen hard times, all struggled to make enough money, all pinched pennies, and yes we’ve probably all made excuses to justify why we just can’t get by.

Here’s what someone in Nashville did to make more than minimum wage, on his own terms…


About ten years ago, I was sitting in a booth at Denny’s on Briley Parkway, when I noticed a man at the counter looking across at me from time to time.  He was busy working on something, so at first I thought maybe he was just glancing up into space and collecting his thoughts.  No.  He’s looking at me.  Maybe not.  Yes he is.  No, I should keep talking with my friends.  He’s getting up to leave…no, he’s walking over here.  He was staring at me…

“Excuse me sir, I don’t mean to interrupt you folks but I’m a homeless artist and I noticed that you have some powerful facial features, so I wanted to sketch them for you, so you can see what I see.  My work is strictly donation based, so this is my gift to you and you don’t owe me a thing.  I hope you gentlemen all have a great day…”

I gave him ten dollars.  In these days of debit cards, that was all my cash-on-hand, but if I had twenty dollars or more in my wallet I would have gladly paid more.  {For the record, I know there’s nothing special about my facial expressions, I know this was a sales pitch, and that’s why I love it so much…because it’s a such perfectly polished soft-sale, that it’s hard to resist the transactional value of this kind of win-win.}  It was a great lesson in taking charge and positioning oneself for independence rather than becoming a victim, and I’ll never forget it.

You can always take things into your own hands, and own full responsibility for your future.  His business cost less than 48₵ to start, and it looks like his self-esteem was still intact, despite the situational circumstances – based on the ‘Sir Larry‘ signature line.

So, what’s your excuse?

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