Coconut Resurrection

The #1 reason my friends don’t have a balanced-diet is the lack of single color in their dietary palette  – GREEN.  With minimal consumption of vegetables it can be a challenge to consistently get enough “cleansing” foods, unless you take a supplemental whole-food green-powder.  

My personal favorite is Healthforce Vitamineral Green, but the same concerns are voiced about taste, among those who simply don’t like the primary constituents.

My answer?  

Drumroll please…


Resurrection juice: – add a heaping tablespoonful of Vitamineral Green to your favorite brand of coconut water and mix thoroughly.

Raw-food purists won’t approve, because the coconut water has been ultra-pasteurized, making it shelf-stable, and theoretically  “dead” from an enzymatic perspective but Vitamineral Green has enough enzymes to spare, and the flavor-profile is dramatically improved in this “alchemical” combination.

With this “magical” mixture, you’ll get wide-spectrum electrolytes from the coconut water.  Those minerals (in my experience), are immune to thermal treatments, so —

  • It’s a win/win, from a nutrient perspective.
  • It’s a win/win, because it’s delicious.
  • It’s a win/win, since it’s really convenient.

Try it!

If you like it, you’ll have an easy way to increase your daily intake of greens, trace minerals, electrolytes, and plenty of nutritional “pixie-dust” to help you get your DrDIY on!

“Minerals carry the vibration of all life. They are the holistic vibrations of creation. Just as gems are made of minerals, so are humans. When we lack certain of these minerals, the corresponding body organs and tissues that they energetically support become damaged, impaired, and vulnerable to disease.”

~ Gabriel Cousens, M.D. – Conscious Eating

DrDIY is a food-safety professional with an extensive sanitation background within the food & beverage manufacturing industry. He consults on food-safety - from hygienic-design to integrated pest-management through microbiology support, quality improvement audits, total-process management philosophy, CIP optimization, and lean-six-sigma project participation.

Overcoming an extended disability through a complete overhaul of diet and nutrition, DrDIY embraced traditional naturopathy and combined the wisdom of nature with the principles of modern sanitation to help build more sustainable systems within the food industry. He continues to study and practice holistic nutrition, food-safety, detoxification, and self-improvement and this site represents personal experience and opinion - and does not reflect the position of any employer past or present.

His posts have always been a 'stream of consciousness' montage with occasional ventures into Christology and pop culture, just to keep things interesting.

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