Ready | Aim | Fire | Aim | Fire | Aim | Fire

The principles of “ready-aim-fire” and “ready-fire-aim” are both well intended, and they both miss the mark — pun intended.

dart hit the dead centre of target

Zeroing in a target requires about three shots to properly align the crosshairs and “dial-in” the shooter’s accuracy.

It’s just as dangerous to get caught in preparation paralysis as it is to continually waste your efforts shooting in the dark.  The ease of “starting” should empower anyone who wants to begin a business venture of any size, and the likelihood of catastrophic failure can be minimized these days by strategically firing test rounds “bullets first, then cannonballs” as author Jim Collins describes in Great by Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck–Why Some Thrive Despite Them All.

Go ahead and start something.  Anything!  Take aim, and pull the trigger…giving it your best shot.  Next you’ll want to take a moment or two to determine where you hit or missed and carefully adjust before aiming and firing again.  You don’t EVER have to hit on the first shot, and the BEST snipers typically can’t zero in their guns without at least three shots.  Ready?

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