Pound of Cure

You’ve heard the expression, but let’s examine exactly what it says and what it means…

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

An ounce of prevention on a scale metaphor

From the perspective of historical medicine which was originally based on natural therapies (before the adoption of surgical barbarism and an era of drug addiction lead by western allopathy), that relied upon herbalism and dietary control of the body’s terrain.  With those foundations in mind, prevention was mathematically 16 times more effective than cure, (one ounce x 16 = one pound).  What we’ve done to that equation through the “marvels” of modern pharmaceuticals is _______.   (I can’t summon enough angst to sum it up in one word without obscenity, so fill in the blank yourself – using any word that relates a combination of shortsighted stupidity, insanity, and blatant greed.)

Allopathic therapy has completely inverted that formula, transforming it to basically, ‘Take two pills three times a day, and call back if there’s a problem.’  This Western method concentrates its’ “cures” with doses measured in milligrams, not pounds.  If we duplicated the principles of our original treatments, our modern natural “cures” would require some significant commitment, perseverance, and diligence…which is exactly what traditional naturopathy always requires.

Modern prevention is measured in pounds.  Pounds of fresh unadulterated foods.  Pounds of pure water.  Pounds of supplements.  Pounds of fresh juices.  That’s why so many people miss the mark…they think they can fight the anvil with a broom-straw.  Holistic healing requires that you stop doing the things that harm the body, and replace all of those things with positive reinforcements…just to break even.  Those efforts and compounded protocols, might move the needle one degree toward the target.  Once the tide turns in favor of healing, the forward momentum can bring determination, until the desired results arrive.  It isn’t easy.  It never is.

Silenced Messenger

Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD (28th December 1947 to 21st July 2015)

The world of nutritional medicine is mourning the loss of an eloquent champion, with the passing of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD.  He was actively serving his patients until the very end.  Here’s a quote from an interview where he strongly advocated our central theme of responsibility and ownership of personal health when explaining his own customized protocols:

“This requires that patients take responsibility for their own health. They’re doing the therapy at home. You know, chemotherapy is very passive. You go to the oncologists office, the nurse sits you in the chair, gives you some ice cream or a chocolate bar, they have candy everywhere, put out your arm, you get the IV, and you sit there watching TV, chatting to the other patients getting chemo. It’s very passive. They don’t tell you to change your diet, in fact they tell you to eat junk food to keep your calories up. Our therapy is completely different, you have to change your lifestyle: eat organically, whatever the diet is you have to eat organically, follow the regimen exactly as prescribed, take 200 capsules or supplements a day, through the day in the middle of the night, do the coffee enemas and all those things so it takes a patient who’s going to be really devoted, dedicated, and has no problem with compliance. That’s why faith is so important, if you don’t believe in this, you’re not going to do the work.”

~Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez, MD – from an interview with Jonathan Landsman

What About Fluoride?

It’s already hotly debated, so I’ll stick to a citizens’ perspective from someone who prefers to abstain.


I could completely understand the basis for mandatory fluoridation of public water sources, if there were limited ways to introduce this (controversially beneficial / detrimental) agent into our bodies. Since it’s nearly impossible for me to find a non-fluoridated toothpaste, I’m 100% certain that we do not require our water to have this chemistry added for the greater good.

The greatest concern (from my perspective) is the other end of the spectrum, where those who are concerned about being over-exposed, cannot avoid this industrial by-product. With most water systems in the USA, the taxpayers pay to treat the water, and the health conscious pay twice to avoid it – drinking bottled water, installing systems to our houses, and paying extra for hygiene products that exclude this toxin. That seems one-sided and tends to favor wasteful spending in every possible way.  Science shows that a little fluoride can be helpful, but too much is worse.

Yes, overexposure to fluoride is a thing – a really bad thing!

The most visible physical defect is enamel fluorosis; the condition is visible through the discernible brown stains and markings on teeth occurs when enamel covering of teeth fail to crystallize properly. A study by the National Research Council, 2006, concluded that severe enamel fluorosis occurs in 10% of children exposed to fluoride concentrations of 4 mg/l. Additional health effects have been reported in various studies and include neurodevelopmental delays in children, dental fluorosis, clinical stage II skeletal fluorosis, and skeletal factures in both children and adults. Prolonged exposure to high levels of fluoride can create severe bone abnormalities which present in crippling deformities.  ~Tara Rava Zolnikov, PhD Candidate NDSU, from her disturbing Johns Hopkins Water Institute opinion report, A nationwide problem in Kenya: Overexposure to fluoride in drinking water.

Since I don’t smoke and smoking is deemed unhealthy, I have a right to eat in a restaurant where I’m not forcefully exposed. That seems logical. Oddly the reverse is true here, where consumption is deemed healthy. Controlling the amount of fluoride that our populace gets should be our focus, rather than making sure that every tap is flowing with the stuff. Too much of anything is always harmful.  {Even if we are talking about water.}

If you don’t want to consume any fluoride, you’re going to have to find another place to eat because we don’t serve your kind here.  {You won’t actually hear that from a server, because it’s bad for business but it is true.}

Fluoridated water is everywhere:

Crops are watered from the city tap, complimentary water in restaurants is treated, and probably all processed foods include traces of fluoride – just in case it might be good for you. Even the carrot in the picture above probably contains fluoride, and it isn’t helping the horse at all!

Taking responsibility to limit or prevent consumption probably means you’re looking for a reverse osmosis filtration system to filter your drinking water, and that means you’re paying twice – needlessly.  If you’re planning a detox program, it makes sense (even if it’s overly cautious) to limit the number of chemicals you expose yourself to, and this one won’t be easy.

Can I Detox Herpes?

If I test positive for herpes and then do some extensive detoxification programs that lead to a negative test, will the virus return if I went back to SAD (standard American diet)?

This is a very interesting question, since detoxification and healing do different things.

I think (philosophically) that it’s entirely possible for two possibilities under these circumstances:

1.) Unconditional Healing: The body “could” completely heal itself, destroy the virus and result in a negative test. If this occurred then it would require a re-exposure to return to a positive test. Diet here might support healing, but would not be relevant to maintaining the healing state.

2.) Conditional Quarantining: The body has the ability to sequester toxins (holding things suspended in fatty tissues for example) to prevent further damage by holding them in check.  Diet in this case “might” possibly create a negative test result that was conditional on maintaining the fuel required to continue to fight-off the expansion of the virus. {The testing would probably still reveal the presence of the virus, even if the body killed of the growth to a completely neutral level.}

In either case, I recommend improving your personal nutrition because it’s the right thing to do – not because you are trying to accomplish one specific goal.  In fact, you can’t force the body to heal any specific thing, because the autonomic nervous system controls the hierarchy of healing in its’ ultimate wisdom.

Eat well, because it’s the best way to provide your body with everything it needs, not because you want to pass a particular test.

Eating for Tomorrow

Jeff Bezos released some new devices a while back and I shared some insights {here} from his brilliant business acumen back then.

Today I’m impressed with his Business Insider interview describing the way he runs the businesses at Amazon even more.


The similarities between this long term business philosophy that it’s impossible to manage your company THIS quarter because the things that are effecting results this quarter were things you may have done years ago. That’s exactly the way your health works, related to diet, healthy choices, and acting like an owner of your healthcare.  Amazon takes a long term approach and they realize that an investment in one area can come from profits you’ve reaped in others.  Compared to health, you can definitely overcome a few dietary limitations with exercise but that only goes so far — there’s an end to what you can do, and in this example Amazon has been fortunate to have lots of winners where they have the cash to invest in experiments.  Listen carefully and Mr. Bezos will even share a secret technique that can help you eat less of a problem food – eating too many cookies, just do this _______.

If you have made poor choices, you may need to find a way to place better bets on your diet and be more intentional about avoiding the things that can damage your health.  You’re the product of choices you made throughout the years, and in some cases you may be effected by choices your parent(s) made but you have to own those realities and take an approach with responsibility and personal ownership.

No Negative Side-Effects

The greatest benefit associated with a holistic approach to self-health care is the lack of negative side-effects from drugs or interventions that force the body to suffer necessarily…additional time is often needed for healing but the result is free from compromise.


Extra rest may be needed to overcome a situation where the body is stressed or damaged from lack of proper diet, sleep, or exercise but there is strength at the end of the healing process rather than weakness.  Compared to simply drugging your way to recovery, the process of simply putting your feet-up for a session of planned relaxation can be a powerful energizer for wellness.  When the body naturally overcomes a condition, it becomes stronger – not weaker, and that momentum builds as the body grows healthier.  It’s hard to define the value of a healthy immune system, but the ability to heal quickly is priceless.

Podcast Deals and Holistic Nutrition

Podcasts (on-demand radio shows) are a convenient way to hear the content you want, without the scheduling limitations of typical “terrestrial” or satellite radio but there’s one thing that annoys me about them.

man and rss

Podcasts are meant to be archived – essentially forever.  You can “discover” a show you like, and begin from its’ original episode, listening to the entire thing – just like the way you’re using Netflix.  Sadly, many podcast hosts and hostesses do not understand this, and they are missing this critical factor whenever they offer time-limited promotional offers through their podcast…

I generally load up a week of shows and listen whenever I’m driving, but vacations put me a little behind (understandably).  Nothing irritates me more than to take a vacation, return home, update my playlist, only to learn that I’ve missed a special offer for podcast listeners who “Act now.”  Podcasting is not consumed like Twitter, and it should not be used as a substitute for an active email list.

What do I want podcasters to do?  The answer is simple, and has powerful implications.  If you have a podcast, I want you to stop doing these offers and instead say something like this, “Here at XYZ, Inc., we are always running deals and promotions for our devoted fans so we’d love to have you join our ‘insiders’ email list to stay in touch with us on a closer level.  We’ll keep you updated and you’ll miss out if you’re not an email ‘insider’.  If that’s too much of a hassle, we invite you to follow us on Twitter or Facebook.”

That’s it, you’re done.  Your podcast is welcoming and inviting, without having an unreasonable expectation that it will behave like a live radio show.

Where else can we apply this lesson?  Nutrition.  A nutritional path is never going to deliver results as fast as a modern pharmaceutical, surgical, or radiological treatment but just like the more intimate email communications from podcasting – nutrition is more effective, because there are no negative side effects.  Don’t expect a healthy diet to change your condition as fast as western medicine, because your holistic interventions are going to slowly empower your body to ‘un-do’ the things that have happened over a period of time.  If it took you ten years to get fat and sick, you should allow at least ten months for a holistic program to make corrections to that decade of gluttony.  That’s a reasonable expectation.  Furthermore, you should think about ways to improve your diet for the long term, and forego the temptation to binge on healthy fad-like foods – choose instead to make permanent improvements and you’ll see the difference.

Don’t mistake podcasting for live radio, and don’t expect nutrition to have a magical impact on your health.  Both are misunderstood and misused often and in both cases they’ll let you down if you don’t appreciate the subtle power of influence over time as the greater force for change.