Nurture Your Nature

The eternal argument of nature vs nurture (genes vs germs) isn’t very helpful, once your health has failed and you’re facing a crisis.

Young businessman in anger fighting with green tree

Overcoming an issue of lost health through a holistic approach taking matters into your own hands and becoming your own DrDIY, will often include holistic changes that gently correct the body’s weaknesses by improving the entire environment.  A gradual return to balance and homeostasis occurs because the body slowly heals itself under conditions that favor health.  It’s always deeply personal and it’s often going to lure criticism from those who are closest to you.  Those negatives have to be offset by your determination to own your personal decisions and improve your health, so you can find a way to defy the gravity of everything tending toward disorder.

Defying decay requires energy, and personal health is fueled by nutrition.  Regardless of the situations at hand (nurture) and regardless of your tendency genetically (nature) , a planned environmental support program can provide lifesaving changes.  Nurturing your natural environment will provide continuous and stable support for your body that leads you toward ever improving health. In simple terms, you feed the body while starving everything that can lead to anything except perfect health.

Your body is doing all the work in this model.  It’s not the food, not the supplements, not the exercise, not the sauna, and certainly not the traditional naturopath whom you may have consulted for information along your journey of recovery.

DrDIY is a food-safety professional with an extensive sanitation background within the food & beverage manufacturing industry. He consults on food-safety - from hygienic-design to integrated pest-management through microbiology support, quality improvement audits, total-process management philosophy, CIP optimization, and lean-six-sigma project participation.

Overcoming an extended disability through a complete overhaul of diet and nutrition, DrDIY embraced traditional naturopathy and combined the wisdom of nature with the principles of modern sanitation to help build more sustainable systems within the food industry. He continues to study and practice holistic nutrition, food-safety, detoxification, and self-improvement and this site represents personal experience and opinion - and does not reflect the position of any employer past or present.

His posts have always been a 'stream of consciousness' montage with occasional ventures into Christology and pop culture, just to keep things interesting.

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