New Year. New You?

The cold hard reality is that we become what we are…and that we are what we work at; over time.  If you ever want to change, you have to start and a New Year’s Resolution probably isn’t the best way.  It might be the best time…especially if you want to look back and recall your progress incrementally.  That’s the most powerful type of change anyway; ongoing, sustained, and incremental improvement.


If you want to change and transform, and you don’t have a crisis-level event driving you toward drastic significant changes, then you are likely better-off making significant change by a few degrees at a time.

The danger of moderation is found in the lesson of the frog and the hot water; as you slowly increase the water’s temperature, the frog acclimates and doesn’t realize that he needs to jump to freedom. When the final moment comes, he’s cooked before he jumps.  This is a bad example if you are the frog…but a good lesson if the water represents those changes you intend to implement for permanent improvement.

It’s generally healthier to lose a pound a week, rather than to follow a binge diet fad that “melts pounds away overnight.”  As you contemplate changes for a New Year’s Resolution, a simple commitment to track your diet may make a difference.  try an App like this one and learn more about your diet, get tips on balancing macronutrients, and set some personal goals for your daily intake of food.

In a few weeks you’ll probably be happy that you did!

DrDIY is a food-safety professional with an extensive sanitation background within the food & beverage manufacturing industry. He consults on food-safety - from hygienic-design to integrated pest-management through microbiology support, quality improvement audits, total-process management philosophy, CIP optimization, and lean-six-sigma project participation.

Overcoming an extended disability through a complete overhaul of diet and nutrition, DrDIY embraced traditional naturopathy and combined the wisdom of nature with the principles of modern sanitation to help build more sustainable systems within the food industry. He continues to study and practice holistic nutrition, food-safety, detoxification, and self-improvement and this site represents personal experience and opinion - and does not reflect the position of any employer past or present.

His posts have always been a 'stream of consciousness' montage with occasional ventures into Christology and pop culture, just to keep things interesting.

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