Is Raw Food Inherently Safe?

Here’s a “name-calling,” “evidence-posting” attempt to inform you that raw foods aren’t always safe, and minimally processed foods aren’t either.

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To the best of my knowledge, these bars are being co-manufactured – meaning the brand owner, is hiring a third-party to make them, which in this case is because of the size and scale of the customer base.

I’m not 100% certain who is manufacturing them, but sometime ago, it was a really reputable firm. That said, anyone can have a bad production day, but lately I’m seeing too many examples like these and I’ve been tempted to document this previously and talked myself out of it…

The bars were originally labeled as “raw,” and I loved them back in the early days.  Unfortunately, they were very well received and lots of people loved them and they found their way into national chain stores.  With the trappings of success, either the production demands or the requirements of the corporate customers brought an end to that “raw” labeling.  (That’s my theory, not a description of known facts.)  Since we know there’s something involved in processing that means they’re no longer “raw,” I’m really frustrated to see the packages inflated like this.  In case you wondered, they’re not pressurized by nitrogen…this is naturally occurring CO2, which is coming from dying microorganisms.  Prior to mass-production, I never saw this.  Now that they sell them everywhere, it’s all too common.

Raw foods aren’t a guaranteed safe-food.  Minimal processing doesn’t guarantee an improvement over good manufacturing practices (the raw ones were never inflated).  Ultra-processed foods can still make you sick.  The conclusions and take-aways are this: don’t buy bulging cans, inflated packages, etc. because those microorganisms might be pathogens that can make you sick, and there’s no substitute for hygienic practices including hand-washing, manufacturing sanitation, and attention to detail.

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