Eating for Tomorrow

Jeff Bezos released some new devices a while back and I shared some insights {here} from his brilliant business acumen back then.

Today I’m impressed with his Business Insider interview describing the way he runs the businesses at Amazon even more.


The similarities between this long term business philosophy that it’s impossible to manage your company THIS quarter because the things that are effecting results this quarter were things you may have done years ago. That’s exactly the way your health works, related to diet, healthy choices, and acting like an owner of your healthcare.  Amazon takes a long term approach and they realize that an investment in one area can come from profits you’ve reaped in others.  Compared to health, you can definitely overcome a few dietary limitations with exercise but that only goes so far — there’s an end to what you can do, and in this example Amazon has been fortunate to have lots of winners where they have the cash to invest in experiments.  Listen carefully and Mr. Bezos will even share a secret technique that can help you eat less of a problem food – eating too many cookies, just do this _______.

If you have made poor choices, you may need to find a way to place better bets on your diet and be more intentional about avoiding the things that can damage your health.  You’re the product of choices you made throughout the years, and in some cases you may be effected by choices your parent(s) made but you have to own those realities and take an approach with responsibility and personal ownership.

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