A Misunderstood and Similar Theme in Holistic Healthcare

Every bottle of supplements and piece of exercise equipment you find, probably has a similar disclaimer: “This product is not reviewed by the FDA, and does not substitute for advice from a medical professional.”

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When I was following the western allopathic model, and seeing my doctor for everything that inconvenienced me from allergies to aches and pains, I always thought the purpose for those disclaimers on vitamins was simply to deny responsibility.  That’s only partially true.

There are two completely different processes at work here:

The first is a control method (allopathy) that seeks to kill offending invaders (germs) while masking offensive responses (symptoms) so the person taking the treatments can quickly see the results without enduring a complex process of change, and without too much inconvenience. In a word, the patient is better when s/he is compliant.

The second is a supportive method (naturopathy) that seeks to feed the body so the body can destroy the invading forces, while keeping symptom data coming as a feedback loop, so the person who undergoes the process remains central to the therapy and fully in control because they’re responsible for changing their body’s internal terrain so the body can manage the healthcare itself. Here the person is never considered a patient, but rather the major stakeholder, responsible party, and owner of the healthcare.

Aside from denying responsibility, the disclaimers are true:

Supplements are NOT medical products, and cannot substitute for a licensed physician, in any shape/form/fashion.  These are very different paths.  You won’t find the results you want if you don’t understand the ownership model and learn how to align with your body’s needs from an outside-in holistic approach.  Once you change the terrain, the germ truly is nothing.

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