The Purpose of Chosen

I worked on a pre-launch with Dayna Bickham, and was able to read her book as a result of meeting her through that project.

The Purpose of Chosenuses some very familiar historical texts from the Bible’s account of David, Goliath, and King Saul to encourage and motivate the reader.  I had an opportunity to read an advance copy of the book before it was published, and I freely admit that (for me) it’s difficult to be impartial, because I love the underlying story.

The most often neglected dimensions within the tale of the boy who became the warrior king of Israel are the consequences {a man of war cannot build God’s house} of that lifestyle of violence and warfare.  While these are not specifically dealt with, there is a sense of responsibility and accountability for dealing with our own issues that I sincerely hope will grab the readers’ attention.  If we refuse to feed our ‘baby giants,’ then perhaps we won’t have to slay them later.

Without leaning too far toward those favored areas where I hold partisanship, the things that were most valuable in this volume for me are the elements of practical application. I think Dayna has done a remarkable job of identifying the areas where we can experience a personal transformation in our lives, and yet she leaves room to share this experience across all ages.  (Perhaps that’s the most appealing value of this book.)  To summarize a few pillars and anchors that are waiting for the reader who will embrace the values she espouses:

You were designed to fulfill “the dream.”  You were made to accomplish more.

Keys and keepsakes are markers in life that propel us through the hard times.

When we fight to win, we can overcome the obstacles that present themselves.

Seize the moment.  Change your life.  Change the world.

Arm yourself.  Slay “your” giants.  Do not delay.

You Are A Writer

Buy the book, BE a Reader, and Jeff Goins will make you a Writer

There are plenty of resources that you can tap, if you want to become an influencer.  This one is worth much-more than the sticker price of his book: You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).

(Jeff and I worked together on a short pre-launch project for a well-known author and as a result I read this eBook.)

Profound simplicity.  That’s what makes his rudimentary approach unique: it’s big enough to make a profound impact, but it’s small enough that you might actually follow through.

If you believe in destiny, perhaps you understand the work of a prophet, seer, or guru.  These are the people who can see in you, the things that might not even be in you yet, and they can typically help you develop in the right direction.  Jeff shares some of the secrets of his ascent to guru status, but he doesn’t hold back the ugly details of self-doubt, sacrifice, and commitment.  He didn’t believe that he was a writer either, so the title shouldn’t prevent you from taking the first step.  Writing for an audience of one, makes you a writer.  Even if you are the one.

You’ll gain insights, inspiration, and the book includes examples of how to approach and engage the three types of people you’ll need to become remarkable: fans, friends, and patrons.

Practice in plain sight.  Connect.

Relationships matter.  Be generous.

Writing is work, so stop dreaming.  Start writing.

Flipping Turtles

I’ve recently embraced the bi-modal learning methods that Jeff Bezos talked about when he channeled Steve Jobs at the Amazon event to unveil new Kindles.

Listening to the audio version of Wrecked, I remembered what I love to hear in audio books…the author’s voice.
When you read and listen together, you can catch a better impartation of what the author has to offer. (I have the Kindle version and the audio.)

I enjoy reading what Jeff writes, and also highly recommend his blog, but the audio book is probably far better than the print version, unless you get both of them.

Wrecked is an easy-read, and a must-read, if you want your foundation to grow stronger when your entire world is shaken wrecked.

Jeff will take you to the streets, and deep into the underground catacombs of Nashville’s homeless population, where he’s worked hard to make a difference.

He’ll invite you inside his stream of consciousness, and you’ll understand how we all mature from reckless youth to responsible citizens in our own broken worlds: on-the-road, in-a-job, on-the-mission-field, or in-a-marriage…and what to do when the adventure eventually comes to an end.

Through tales of his activities among the down-and-out, Jeff keeps explaining how he’s trying hard to bring lasting change to an ocean of indifference.

In the end, he keeps flipping turtles right side up, in an effort to save them (my interpretation of the cover image), only to learn in the end that he is one of them.

And so are we.