Can I Detox Herpes?

If I test positive for herpes and then do some extensive detoxification programs that lead to a negative test, will the virus return if I went back to SAD (standard American diet)?

This is a very interesting question, since detoxification and healing do different things.

I think (philosophically) that it’s entirely possible for two possibilities under these circumstances:

1.) Unconditional Healing: The body “could” completely heal itself, destroy the virus and result in a negative test. If this occurred then it would require a re-exposure to return to a positive test. Diet here might support healing, but would not be relevant to maintaining the healing state.

2.) Conditional Quarantining: The body has the ability to sequester toxins (holding things suspended in fatty tissues for example) to prevent further damage by holding them in check.  Diet in this case “might” possibly create a negative test result that was conditional on maintaining the fuel required to continue to fight-off the expansion of the virus. {The testing would probably still reveal the presence of the virus, even if the body killed of the growth to a completely neutral level.}

In either case, I recommend improving your personal nutrition because it’s the right thing to do – not because you are trying to accomplish one specific goal.  In fact, you can’t force the body to heal any specific thing, because the autonomic nervous system controls the hierarchy of healing in its’ ultimate wisdom.

Eat well, because it’s the best way to provide your body with everything it needs, not because you want to pass a particular test.

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