Brand Agnostic Labeling Similarities

One thing I’ve noticed, with “healthy” snack or energy bars, is that even they tend to hide the ingredients.

Here’s an example of a newcomer to this shelf space who “presumably” has nothing to hide, prominently displaying 99% Organic status and Kosher monikers on the front of the package — yet they do hide some very important information…

photo 1

It’s true, you should never trust the front labels, because the important information is buried in the ingredients.  Unfortunately even among the “healthy” brands, it’s intentionally hidden by the flaps {you cant’t see the nutrition information when you flip the bars over}, and in this particular example you’ll have to semi-crack a sealed area just to learn what’s in the bar.

photo 2

In the last picture, you’ll notice the silver sections on the end where the label is peeling apart — it was crimped and sealed on each end, making it hard to access the required labeling panel.  The precedent that’s set with this design, is that the Rainforest logo, the Organic Certification, and the pride statements about the corporation’s philosophy are more important that the facts.  If you were allergic to dairy or soy, then not reading this could have led to a serious health event — so why would they make it so difficult for you?

photo 3

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