Bi-Modal Learning and the Secrets of The Podcast Mentor

Here are some free resources that will enable you to launch your learning and stretch your capacity as a leader and learner.

Jeff Bezos talked about Bi-Modal reading (Starting at about 43 minutes) on 6 September 2012:

Amazon Kindle Preview – 6 September 2012

You can watch it for yourself, but I want to add my personal insights and experience on an often missed opportunity that’s FREE.


I’ve mentioned before that I unequivocally recommend three online bloggers and suggest that you subscribe and “follow” these three masters of marketing.  It’s priceless, and it’s ‘price-less.’  (Links are listed below, to make it easier for you to join these ‘tribes.’)

The added-value and often misunderstood value of following bloggers and authors is that you can learn better, when you understand the teacher.  I think the eastern ideas of extended mentoring by a guru at an ashram, or through a “master” at a dojo exemplify what we can do with the aid of technology.

Many doctrines place a high value on the oral traditions imparted from teacher to student.

Read someone’s books, read their blogs, and listen to their podcasts.

You will learn more if you connect across multiple platforms.

Read.  Respond. Listen. Interact.  >> Books, blogs, podcasts, and social media have the ability to coalesce to further develop your skills and abilities as a leader.

Media and technology have made it possible for us to transfer wisdom effortlessly.




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