Another Perspective on Detoxification

Dilution is the Solution to Pollution

Nature moves to continuously detoxify through extensive filtration and dilution.


Vector schema of the water cycle in nature

Water comes from the sky as rain and snow.  Streams and rivers combine to move the water to the seas, while it is ever-sorted and cleaned across silt and sand until it is finally diluted in the oceans.  Layers of sediment and even solid rocks form a purification medium to restore water to its’ basic form, where it’s stored in aquifers across the entire planet.  The ocean is not merely a final deposit account.  It’s also a dilution pond where water begins to up-cycle into the atmosphere where it moves back to the beginning as rain or snow.

The key to this process is the fact that water is ever-moving, and when it stops – it stagnates.

Applying this metaphor to the human body, fat cells are the ocean where toxins are stored. The lymphatic system is a mostly passive network of tributaries that’s most susceptible to becoming stagnant.  Physical movement is essential to keep the lymph actively filtering toxins.  This is more important in times of less dilution such as a time of fasting because there is less excretion of wastes when there is a reduction in solid materials to transfer them to.

If movement increases during a time of fasting, the body should easily be able to detoxify at an accelerated rate, as long as there is enough movement.  This is why many natural health experts no longer recommend water fasting, because of the increased chance of auto-intoxication from limited excretion.  The thinking these days is that juices provide better pathways for toxin elimination by adding nutrients and some limited fibers that will help to keep the toxins moving.



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